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HME Products

HME QMCR 4:1 Card Reader (QMCR)


Product DescriptionHME's 4-in-1 Card Reader allows you to view your trail cam images on on almost any device. View your images on your Apple or Android smartphone/tablet with USB-OTG functionality. For iSO use Apple i-Brary Link, Android open system. It...

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STREAMLIGHT PolyStinger LED Flashlight (76110)


Product DescriptionStreamlight PolyStinger LED No Charger, Light Only, Black This all-purpose, non-conductive polymer flashlight is designed for the broadest range of lighting needs at the best value. Multi-function On/Off push-button switch lets you...

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SUREFIRE G2X LE Flashlight (G2XLE)


Product DescriptionMade specifically with law enforcement in mind, the Surefire G2X LE Flashlight offers 400 lumens of output and a compact design. Virtually indestructible LED emitter is regulated to maximize output and runtime Two output levels—high...

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