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Firearm Maintenance

Otis Technology

OTIS 223/5.56 Star Chamber Cleaning Tool (FG-2715)


Product DescriptionOtis' Star Chamber Cleaning Tool takes the awkwardness and difficulty out of cleaning the chamber area of an MSR/AR style rifle. It features a parkerized steel scraper to remove fouling build-up and the coated brass nose piece centers...

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Break Free

Break Free Weapon Wipes (BFI-CO-WW-1)


Product DescriptionDeveloped to protect firearms for up to five years in storage, Collector(R) exceeds stringent military specifications. Recommended for the occasional hunter or sports shooter, as well as knife and sword collectors. It's ideal for...

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BREAKTHROUGH Rifle Cleaning Kit (BT-CCC-AR15)


Product DescriptionBreakthrough's compact Vision Series Cleaning Kit line offers you everything you need to ensure a thorough clean. Its plastic tray keeps all the various pieces of the kit organized neatly inside a durable case that acts like a mini...

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