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Texan Guns and Gear Hog Hunt Event

Grab your team and stack em' high!

Hog Hunt
April 15-16, 2023

Sold out

PLEASE NOTE: After purchase, please register all team members by phone or in-store

State Wide Hunt

  $200 entry fee up to people per team.
  ($120 goes to main pot)
  ($20 goes to each side pot)
  ($19 goes to raffle)
  ($1 goes to the best team name)
*Best Team Name will be voted on by participants at the weigh in*


Main Pot- Heaviest 3 Hog Stringer

Every Pig after the 3 weighed adds 1 lb to total weight.

Side Pots

Heaviest Hog
Smallest Hog
Most Hogs Killed

Every 10 teams adds another tier of payout.


To Be Determined

Time And Location

6688 South U.S Hwy 377, Stephenville, TX 76401

Weigh in will be at TEXAN GUNS & GEAR 10am Sunday

Entries can be paid in person at TEXAN GUNS & GEAR or online

All entries have to be in before 2pm Saturday

Contest Rules

For the purpose of this hunt, hogs are defined to be feral, free ranging, wild hogs which have not been previously held, trapped, pen raised, and released for the purpose of being hunted in this contest and must not have been hunted from a hog proof fence. They must have the characteristics of a wild hog.

Follow all the laws, rules, and regulations of where you are hunting!

    • Can be killed anywhere in the Great State of Texas.
    • All animals must be killed with in the 20 hour contest time (2pm Saturday- 10am Sunday)
    • Failure to make weigh in on time will result in disqualification.
    • All team members must hunt together at all times. Only hunters who enter the contest can hunt.
    • All team members must be present at weigh in (unless judges are notified)
    • Must be present at time of drawing, after weigh in, to win the raffle
    • The use of thermal, night vision and infrared imaging is allowed.
    • Hunting with Hog Dogs is allowed.
    • No Barrow Hogs (Bar-d, barrowed, barred, etc.). All boars must have both testicles! And yes, this is a contest for biggest hog (sows and boars).
    • Drones – Follow all federal and state rules/laws if using them. Information can be found here: TPWD DRONE INFO
    • NO Trapping, NO Helicopters, & NO High Fence!
    • No Solicitation of Hogs or pooling of hogs! That also includes asking on social media, craigslist, etc., to give winnings if someone can put you on a big hog. NO SOLICITATION OF HOGS FOR THIS CONTEST! You will be immediately disqualified.
    • Texan Guns and Gear and its agents have the right to dissect any hog during its weigh-in to search for any abnormalities that may hurt the integrity of this contest. We reserve the right to check your hog! So please don’t cheat.
    • Winners are Subject to Polygraph. If there is any discrepancy in the polygraph, there will be a vote between Agents of Texan Guns and Gear and an outside party of what will be done.
      Decisions of the judges are final.