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Our Mission & Vision

Texan Guns and Gear opened its doors January 2021 in Stephenville Texas. The TGG team is excited to host a fun, safe, family-oriented environment and will strive to provide expert service to hunters and firearm owners for many generations.

We are Texans and proud to be a part of the Stephenville and Tarleton family. Texan Guns and Gear promises excellence in service to our community for all firearm, archery, and hunting needs.

Why Our Customers Love Us

"I showed up and they had a huge supply of everything archery! I had the luxury of Mike Marshall showing me my options and fitted me for what would work best for the hunting I do. We then picked out all the “needed options” and he went to work dialing it in. To top it all off they have a huge shooting range right behind the store and he was able to sight me in as well right on the spot!!"

— Steven W.

"Professional, knowledgeable, and friendly staff. There’s a good selection to find something that suits you and your needs. These positive experiences have been consistent across the several sales people in both gun and archery departments I’ve worked with. They’ve earned my business every time."

— Brandon W.

"What a phenomenal place to visit while in Stephenville! The staff there is knowledgeable and helpful to no end. The facility has been remodeled and looks amazing inside and out with plans of expanding. If you need anything, there’s not much they can’t do for you, they’ve helped us at every turn and will always be back!"

Collin T.

The Blade Bar

Our knife shop that offers a wide variety of knives and gear. Folding knives, fixed blade knives, automatic knives, custom knives, kitchen knives and much more.


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