Events at Texan guns and gear

Texan Guns and Gear is proud to provide a variety of fun and engaging events for our customers! Whether you're an experienced marksman or a brand new shooter, we offer shooting and hunting competitions that are sure to challenge and entertain you. Our dedicated team is passionate about providing high-quality events that showcase the latest and greatest products in the industry. In addition to competitions, we also host exciting new product demos that allow you to try out the latest gear before you buy it. Our events are the perfect opportunity to connect with other firearms enthusiasts and learn new skills in a fun and supportive environment. Join us at Texan Guns and Gear and experience the thrill and excitement of our events for yourself!

Upcoming events

September 22nd & 23rd
– Adults (16+ YRS. OLD)
   $25 FOR ADULTS ($15 goes to payout, $10 goes to the raffle)
– Youth (8 to 15 YRS. OLD)
   $20 FOR YOUTH ($10 goes to payout, $10 goes to the raffle)